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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Includes prescriptions for all types of glasses

Health checks for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and other visual disorders.

                                                For adults or children:  $64

                                                Dilation: thorough health evaluation inside



                                                                                             (this is can also  be done on a day                                                                                                                      other than the exam date)




Contact Lens Exams  

Includes both contact lens and glasses prescriptions, trial pair of contacts, follow-up evaluation if needed, and all the health checks of the comprehensive exam.

                                                                Contacts Lens Exam: $94

                                                Contact Exam for Astigmatism: $104

                                                Contact Lens Exam for Gas Perm or Multi-                                                                                                 Focal Contacts:     $104

Eye Infections / Object Removal

Evaluation of infection or irritation and prescribing proper antibiotic and/or anti-inflammitory drops:  $46