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Dr. Clint Kasza, O.D. 719.573.2011            Powers and Palmer Park in Walmart

Appointment Questions and Answers

  1. Will I receive my prescription after my visit?

    Yes, you will receive a hard copy of your prescription for glasses, and for both contacts and glasses if you do a contact exam. You can use this prescription anywhere. Walmart is a great place to get glasses; they have high quality control and good prices, but you can compare prices elsewhere, too. You are not locked down as with some places that charge extra for the exam if you choose to not purchase glasses there, they don't provide you a hard copy of your prescription, or they prescribe something that is difficult to get anywhere else. We make filling your prescription convenient and give you options.

  2. Do you see children? Beginning at what age?

    Yes! We see children as young as age three. Our equipment helps us evaluate a child's vision quickly and accurately. Dr. Kasza enjoys working with children, and one of his clinical rotations involved working with children and their vision extensively.

  3. Do you take my insurance?

    We accept many insurance plans, including United Health Care, Delta Vision, Optum, Spectera, Block Vision, Davis Vision, and many others. Please call, and we will research whether we can accept your plan.

  4. Do I need an appointment, or can I just walk in?

    Walk-ins are accepted, though making an appointment is advised. Another option is to just call ahead before coming in, and we will do what we can to fit you in.

  5. Will I get a pair of contacts with my contact lens exam?

    Yes, with your contact lens exam you will receive your contacts prescription, glasses presciption, a diagnostic sample pair of contacts (almost always the exact same lens that you will be prescribed). A follow-up evaluation, if needed, is also included in the exam price.

  6. Who will be giving the eye exam, and what are their qualifications?

    Dr. Kasza is an O.D. (doctor of optometry), also known as an optometrist. Earning this degree requires eight years of college and three clinical rotations. Dr. Kasza is highly skilled in finding optimum vision prescriptions (some clincs have a technician do that) and is able to prescribe medications and eye drops as needed. If he discovers that a patient needs additional care for visual health issues, he will refer the patient to a surgeon or specialist in his network of trusted physicians. Dr. Kasza is the owner and full-time optometrist at the Powers and Palmer Park Walmart Vision Center.

  7. Where are you located exactly?

    We are in the front of the Walmart at Powers and Palmer Park.  It is on the West side of Powers. We are by the West (non-grocery) doors, and even have our own entry on the front of the building just to the left of the West doors. You may also enter through the Vision Center at the front of the store.

  8. Will I need to get my eyes dilated?

    We recommend dilating your eyes, though you do not have to do it the same day of your eye exam.  A dilation is a very thorough health check of the inside of the eyes.  It screens for tumors, bleeding, blood vessel problems, retinal tears and a host of other conditions.  Usually these conditions cannot be seen in our vision.  A dilation is recommended about every other year.

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